Green Credit for Green Growth

Our 5-Point Message

Here are the visuals and the words to illustrate that

1. Exponential growth is unnatural and unsustainable.

2. The growth of the money supply is exponential:

  • – the growth of credit in the money supply is exponential
  • – the exponential growth of credit is caused by compounding interest on interest
  • – the growth of interest-free cash in the money supply is minute
  • – there is always enough Government funding for war, but never for the environment.

3. The growth of greenhouse gas emissions is exponential.

4. Changing the Cash : Credit Ratio in the money supply through ‘green credit’ is the most effective mechanism to stop current economic trends:

  • – Business As Usual (BAU) means continuing to fuel the money supply with credit
  • – Policy commitment to ameliorating climate change means changing the cash : credit ratio to change the ‘economic climate’

5. Fuelling the money supply with ‘green credit’ means Government funding for

  • – making buildings energy-efficient
  • – creating carbon-neutral transport systems
  • – developing carbon-neutral energy supplies.


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