BRADBURY POUND: the historic precedent for public or green credit

The Bradbury Pound is the UK equivalent to the US Greenbacks: ‘government’ or ‘treasury‘ rather than ‘bank‘ money.

On 18 November 2013, Austin Mitchell MP tabled Early Day Motion 748: 100th Anniversary of the Bradbury Pound. MPs can now show their support by signing it. The more signatures, the more likely the media will take an interest. Eventually, it may become a Parliamentary debate.

UK Column published this video with Justin Walker, together with this online petition.

Green Credit for Green Purposes is exactly what is possible with the Bradbury Pound!

To go even deeper into the historic significance and economic relevance, please note:

Altogether I published these articles so far – in chronological order:

  1. Bring Back the Bradbury Pound: interest-free and backed by public credit – issued by the Treasury rather than Banks
  2. Treasury Committee has no plans to look into bringing back the Bradbury Pound, i.e. we need to lobby / educate the Committee
  3. Bring Back the Bradbury Pound! Towards 100th Anniversary of Historic Solution to end Britain’s crisis, austerity cuts & corruption
  4. The Bradbury Pound in Anticipation of its 100th Anniversary – after all, it’s the best kept secret – only a minute mention in Wikipedia!
  5. Today: 99th Anniversary of the Bradbury Pound: historic precedence of Government issued ‘Credit’
  6. Cutting Loose: Russia Today on ‘Hungary Pays Off IMF Debts
  7. Bring Back Bradburys to compensate victims of white collar criminals
  8. National Credit and the Bradburys – from the Author of the Money Bomb
  9. Author of the Money Bomb passes away – leaving an electronic heritage including the Bradburys!
  10. Which Side are You on? The Rothschild [City] or Treasury [Westminster]?
  11. Back to the Future: from 1914 [WWI] to 2014 [Bradbury Pound].


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