Lord Lamont of Lerwick

Last night I attended a meeting of the Economic Research Council wher the former chancellor Norman Lamont was talking. His title was “Is Inflation Targeting and Independence of the Bank of England the end of history?”

I was most impressed for he knew about the importance of MONEY (as CASH) and he also knew that ‘narrow money’ ceased to be published. When I gave him a copy of my submission, he said he’d read it.

I shall follow up.

All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group – 01 / 22 / 007

This group has clearly grown under the chairmanship of Colin Challen MP since I first attended. Kevin Anderson from the Tyndall Centre gave as passionate a presentation as Aubrey Meyer whose presentations of the Contraction & Convergence framework keep changing in sophistication of technology while staying the same in terms of passion and commitment.

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Tipping Points in the Earth System

Yesterday I received the excellent 35 Powerpoint slides ‘Solving the Climate-Energy Problem‘ from Prof. HJ Schellnhuber from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research.

Prof. Schellnhuber who advises both the German and the UK Government presented the slides at the Royal Society on October 3, 2006 as part of Brandenburg Meets Britain events. I had been particularly struck by the ‘Tipping Points of the Earth System‘ and feel that everybody should have a look at this picture of our world once a day.

Tipping Points in the Earth System